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Investing in ocean impact entrepreneurs

A Great White Shark photographed by Lynton Francois Burger, author of the She Down There novel and Principal of the Venture4th Ocean Impact Investment Fund
Venture4th Ocean Impact Fund is a Mauritius-based private, deal-leading venture capital fund that invests in and supports ocean impact entrepreneurs. 

Venture4th sources viable early- and growth-stage ocean impact businesses led by calibre founders, facilitates structured co-investment into these ventures alongside larger VC funds, family offices and angel investors, and then provides technical and leadership support to the investee through to exit. 

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As of July 2022, we have invested in four exciting ocean impact start-ups.

Plan Blue German Ocean tech start-up is pioneering the use of hyper-spectral imaging to build a global seafloor database with underwater satellites

This German ocean tech start-up is pioneering the use of hyper-spectral imaging to build a global seafloor database with underwater satellites. Lynton is an investor and advisory board member and has been working with Planblue since 2019 to raise capital and scale and commercialise their proprietary technology globally. The initial investment raise was well supported by European angel and VC investors. A second fundraising round is now open. Get in contact for more information.

CRDC Global RESIN8 plastic waste eco-aggragate

CRDC’s mission is to create appreciating value from the world’s plastic waste by converting it into RESIN8™, an eco-aggregate that improves concrete. Founded in 2018, the company currently has operations in Costa Rica, the USA, South Africa, UK, Australia, Mexico, New Zealand, and Samoa. Lynton is working with the company for a private $10M placement (into the global holding company based in Ireland) on a substantiated $100M valuation to facilitate the rapid roll-out of RESIN8™ plants around the world. Get in contact to participate in this incredibly exciting and time-sensitive (Q3 2022) opportunity. 

Shark Safe Barrier

Venture4th is a shareholder of, and advisor to, Sharksafe Barrier, the start-up behind the award-winning technology that combines magnetic and visual stimuli to deter shark species considered dangerous to humans. Spun out of Stellenbosch University in South Africa, the company has patented technology that works to keep people safe from sharks while simultaneously protecting the sharks. After a successful initial funding round in 2021, the company is seeking further investment to roll out its global business plan. Investors interested in getting on board this niche start-up can contact Lynton.


Brayfoil is a leader in compliant structure and morphing aerofoil research and design (think wind turbine blades that change shape to suit wind conditions), providing unique capabilities to implement breakthrough technologies for efficiency gains and cost reductions. Venture4th is working with co-founder Matthew Bray to raise $1 - 1.5M to take this exciting IP-protected and award-winning technology to market. Contact Lynton for more details.

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Venture4th works closely with ocean start-up hubs, such as Ocean Hub Africa in Cape Town, where Lynton serves as Lead Program Advisor, and the Ocean Impact Organisation in Sydney, as well as our extensive global network of private and institutional investors. 

Ocean Hub Africa is one of Venture4th Ocean Impact Fund's Partners, working to invest in entrepreneurs dedicated on improving ocean health and life
The Ocean Impact Organisation, based in Sydney Australia

Lynton Francois Burger is the founder and managing partner of Venture4th. As an impact investment specialist, with a particular passion for the ocean, Lynton draws on thirty years of corporate, advisory and investment experience on four continents to build entrepreneurial purpose-driven businesses and investment funds that are part of the exciting global ‘fourth wave’ - an era of connectedness and consciousness.


Lynton is a founding shareholder of Sustainable Capital, an independent and owner-managed investment firm that has for a decade delivered superior returns by applying responsible investment practices to listed equities on the African continent. As of July 2022, Sustainable Capital has USD 450 Million in assets under management.

Diver - Going Down There
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